Sponsors and Exhibitors

EXHIBITOR: Arbinger - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

GOLD SPONSOR: Arbinger Institute

The Arbinger Institute is a training and consulting firm founded by Dr. C. Terry Warner, the scholar who solved the central problem at the heart of the human sciences: the paradox of self-deception. That work revealed two distinct mindsets from which people and organisations operate – a self-focused inward mindset and an others-inclusive outward mindset – and the path to sustainably changing mindset and results.

We help individuals, teams and organisations move from the default self-focus on an inward mindset to the others-inclusive focus of an outward mindset. Through training, coaching, consulting, and a suite of implementation tools, we enable organisations and their people to achieve results that are only possible with an outward mindset.

Our programs and methodology are based on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behaviour and motivation, and more than 35 years of experience working with organisations worldwide in the corporate healthcare, education, government, public safety and non-profit sectors.
EXHIBITOR: CCM Consultancy - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


CCM Consultancy provides innovative and gamified solutions focused on Organizational Culture Shift, People Development and Customer Experience consulting. Guided by our IDEAS methodology, we maintain a learner-centric approach that gets results and makes the learning stick. Ultimately, our main drivers are to provide our clients with measureable and sustainable results.

We represent TACK and TMI (in MENA, Canada and USA), two of the world’s largest learning and people development consultancies, with nearly 70 and 45 years in business respectively. A talented team of consultants, facilitators and development specialists are there to facilitate your organization’s behavioral transformation and to shape your company’s culture.
SILVER SPONSOR: Bell Immersive Technologies - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

SILVER SPONSOR: Bell Immersive Technologies

Bell Immersive is the technology arm of UK based Bell Energy Services Ltd. A global consultancy organization providing services in engineering, aviation, infrastructure, retail and software solutions. Add value to your training by bringing in experts from our pool of SMEs into your digital learning solution. Our solutions are designed to provide interactive multi-sensory learning solutions that engage the user and transform information into experience. Our digital solutions include VR, AR, MR, Gamification, Scenario Based Training, Simple E-learning and customized LMSs. You can get in touch with us in UAE, KSA, UK, USA and India. Visit us at www.bellimmersive.com
LEARNING SPONSOR: INNOWORK / Training Calendar- ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition
LEARNING SPONSOR: INNOWORK / Training Calendar- ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


“INNOWORK” and “Training Calendar” are tech products came out from Black Cube Solutions FZCO. INNOWORK is enterprise related SaaS product focused on Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Continuous Performance Management Platform.

INNOWORK: The corporate user can use INNOWORK’s LXP to identify the skills of their employees, update their competency, find their skill gaps, create Training Need Analysis and find /allocate the training courses (e-learning, on-the-job and classroom) to their staff in few clicks. Innovative Learning Management system will allow the L&D team to create and publish any learning contents and analyse the learning impacts of each employee. The system will automatically create a development plan for the team and individual learning pathways. Through the platform, succession planning and onboarding of new employees can be managed easily. Through its gamified platform, employees to learn in a fun way and drive more engagement with Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards, and Leader-boards. Corporate can also build the right project teams based on specific project needs & required skill sets and ensure better delivery. Its Innovative Performance Management system model helps the corporate to achieve the desired goals using their talents’ great potential and skill sets. It will recommend which employee can be the best fit to execute the tasks based on their skills and connect with OKRs, Objectives, KPIs to achieve the organization’s goals. It’s easy to align and cascade all the objectives across the organization. Besides, easy to capture individual contributions for each KPIs achievement and measure staff individual performance. Its a single solution for Task Management, Performance Management, OKRs, and Balanced Scorecard strategy execution.

Training Calendar: Training Calendar platform is solving the world’s biggest challenge related to Learning for Consumers and an excellent tool for Training providers to connect with users. It helps the users to understand their skillsets, skill gaps related to their current and future roles. It provides personalized and cost-effective learning to upskill and re-skill with 100,000+ courses listed in the platform (e-learning, classroom, and executive education courses).
LEARNING SPONSOR: Saba - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


Saba provides talent development solutions that put people and teams in the driver’s seat of their own experience, while staying aligned to your business goals. All while delivering deep performance insights that connect people to business success, like no one else can.

RAB HR a reputed GCC based firm are one of the leading SABA Partners in the region . They bring to the region World Class HR Products & Services and have been supporting clients with their people productivity challenges for over 20 years.

Saba. The Talent Development Company.


RAB HR a reputed GCC based firm in existence since 1996 are one of the leading SABA Partners in the region . They bring to the region World Class HR Products & Services and have been supporting clients with their people productivity challenges for over 20 years.

Their long presence in the region gives them deeper insights on “What would work and how “and this combined with access to best in class products and services offered by partners, presents a unique proposition to their clients.

RAB HR works with several clients in the GCC region and has done impressive work in the space of Learning and Performance Management Systems, Customised and Off the Shelf E- Learning development , Balanced Score Cards, and HR Education and Certification.
EXHIBITOR: BBHolding - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


Adhering to our corporate values and vision, our success has meant that our portfolio has grown immensely by providing the highest quality transformation strategies possible.

Since day one – our energy, desire and enthusiasm influenced our journey of success. We are proud of what we have achieved whilst we are focusing on our development for the future of business transformation.

Our diversified solutions will enable BBHolding to spread its excellent practice and approach indefinitely and to bolster the very highest standards of excellence.
EXHIBITOR: Serviceexcellence - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Servicexcellence

At Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development, we empower individuals and companies to take action and achieve success because people are the core of our calling.

Our diagnostic tools and customized development programs and workshops transfer new learned behaviours, knowledge, skills, motivation and energy!

We are known for our flexible, effective and measurable corporate training development workshops and consulting services in the Middle East and Europe.

Our solutions focus on the end to end approach where we develop partnerships with those we coach, train, empower and inspire.

Our one on one coaching and MBTI® assessments to Soft Skills, Leadership and Team Building events for up to 500 participants, passionately support YOU, our business partners on your journey to excellence
EXHIBITOR: ICS Learn - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


ICS Learn is the world’s most experienced online learning provider, having been a pioneer in flexible learning for 130 years and a leading CIPD centre for 30 years. We specialise in transforming careers, teams and organisations through globally-respected professional qualifications in HR, L&D, leadership, project management, marketing, procurement and accountancy.

Our award-winning online courses are trusted by 18,000 current students across 90+ countries, and we cultivate star performers at some of the world’s most remarkable companies, including Amazon, Adidas and Vodafone.
EXHIBITOR: ideas group - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: ideas group

ideas group is all about performance. We believe in learning partnerships where leadership and talent development are fostered through tailor-made workshops, consulting engagements and transformational experiential learning experiences. With 4,500 projects executed in more than 26 countries since 2007, ideas group upgraded the performance of almost 100,000 people in 19 industries. www.ideasgrp.com
EXHIBITOR: Cass Business School - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Cass Business School

At Cass, we help individuals thrive in a dynamic, interconnected world. We blend cutting-edge theory and practice, inspiring our vibrant London and Dubai homes, while engaging our international network. Among the leading global business schools, the Cass approach is uniquely energising; personal yet global, intellectual yet practical, passionate yet disciplined. Our world-leading faculty work closely with industry leaders. We equip you with the insights, skills and confidence needed to thrive in the always changing world of business.
EXHIBITOR: Code of Talent - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Code of Talent

Code of Talent is a microlearning platform that can be used very effectively in creating sticky and flexible learning experiences, to upskill existing employees or to improve levels of knowledge in the workplace by challenging the employees to test their skills or by showing learning into context.

The platform guarantees an engaging and motivating learning experience for employees, as learning in 3-7-minute chunks matches the brain’s working memory and attention span, and a superior training ROI for companies through its multi-dimensional execution:

  • Personal (self-paced and self-directed) learning
  • Social (community driven knowledge sharing and) learning
  • Assisted learning, through constant engagement, evaluation and feedback from the trainer
  • Gamified learning journey, that provides a sense of progress and achievement.

All in one platform, as part of your Learning Culture.
EXHIBITOR: Rosetta Stone - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone develops innovative digital solutions that drive positive learning outcomes for inspired language learners in schools and workplaces around the world. With Dynamic Immersion, every word a learner hears, speaks, and reads is in their new language. TruAccent™ speech-recognition technology guides pronunciation, without judging. Bringing it all together are Live Tutoring sessions with native speakers that build learners’ confidence to speak their new language with people they meet at work and in the community.
EXHIBITOR: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®)

About the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®)

The Center for Creative Leadership, CCL®, a top-ranked global provider of executive education, offers what no one else can: an exclusive focus on leadership education, research and unparalleled expertise in solving the leadership challenges of individuals and organisations everywhere. For almost 50 years (27 years in EMEA), we’ve equipped clients around the world with the skills and insight to achieve more than they thought possible through an array of leadership solutions with nearly 750 faculty and an associate network of 1,000 members in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia. CCL® has consistently been ranked as one of the top 10 providers of leadership solutions by the Financial Times and Bloomberg. CCL® is the only institution — from more than 85 in the ranking — that focuses exclusively on leadership development.
EXHIBITOR: Informa - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: informa

Rely on us for all your corporate training or event management needs. As one of the most successful event management companies in Dubai, we have organised and managed thousands of events each year for more than 20 years.

With a team of seasoned expert project managers and event organisers at the helm, we have organised conferences, exhibitions, corporate trainings and other similar events for our clients. Our events have attracted and accommodated over 150,000 participants from more than 70 countries around the world.
EXHIBITOR: Oakwood International - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Oakwood International

With over 16 years’ experience delivering training in the Middle East, Oakwood has delivered professional CIPD, CIM and ILM qualifications to thousands of students who were seeking to develop themselves professionally. We provide a range of courses across the Middle East. We work alongside in-country partners and with trusted associates to ensure an unsurpassed service for everyone we work with – individuals or our corporate clients. Oakwood guarantees a 100% pass rate to all dedicated students, thanks to the support of our expert Student Team.

Oakwood is an accredited centre for CIPD, CIM and ILM courses, and we were the first CIPD provider in the UAE to obtain KHDA approval. Our trainers and consultants are also accredited by Investors in People.

Contact: Euan Campbell | T: +971 4 359 9020 | E: euan@oakwooddubai.ae | W: www.oakwooddubai.ae
EXHIBITOR: Motivaluate - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Motivaluate

Motivaluate is a GCC based firm delivering corporate, consulting and learning and development services in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Culture and Execution. We help clients empower their people to implement their strategies and succeed at the workplace.

That is, we focus on developing the capabilities of an organization’s people who need to address real- world challenges, attain specific business objectives and drive cash flows – higher, faster and stronger.

We are a blend of business and educators – but distinct from both. From our educator heritage, we offer a thoughtful, stimulating forum for safe and open expression; and from the business world, we bring solutions – driven focus to client service.

Contact: Ryan Valladares | T: +971 56 994 5094 | E: pa@motivaluate.com | W: www.motivaluate.com
EXHIBITOR: Eruditus Executive Education - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Eruditus Executive Education

Eruditus Executive Education, founded by alumni of INSEAD, Harvard Business School, and other top business schools, delivers high-quality executive education programs to corporations and participants around the globe. Eruditus collaborates with global business schools and renowned faculty in delivering these programs. Our value proposition comes in structuring custom learning interventions, delivering open-enrolment programs, and offering SPOC model online certification programs.

EXHIBITOR: AMIDEAST - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: AMIDEAST | ETS Global B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of ETS.

AMIDEAST is a private, U.S. non¬profit organization with a distinguished record of engagement in international education, training, and development. AMIDEAST UAE provides English Language Training, Testing, WorkFORCE Development across UAE. AMIDEAST offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai serve a diverse clientele of Emirati nationals, international students and expatriates seeking services for educational, business purposes.

ETS Global B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of ETS.
We bring expertise to educational and business communities around the world, including companies, language schools, academic institutions and public service organizations. ETS Global serve 80 countries across Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We offer a range of ETS products, services and learning solutions, including English-language assessments, standardized assessments, training and consulting. we are passionate about our mission to advance quality and equity in education for all people worldwide because we believe in the power of learning.
EXHIBITOR: Westford University College - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Westford University College

Westford University College aims at transforming individuals, organizations and the society. WUC is a respected and sought after academic institution offering advanced and tertiary qualifications in management, fashion & industry relevant ‘professional certifications’ supported with degrees, diplomas from globally accredited bodies and universities to aspiring learners in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, UK, Asia and rest of the World.

We “AIM” to Aspire, Innovate and Master the fundamentals of Management Education and carve a niche in a variety of disciplines through constant research and impactful teaching. The Institution strongly advocates in intensifying the knowledge contribution by bridging the gap between academia and industry.
EXHIBITOR: Marefa Digital - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

EXHIBITOR: Marefa Digital

Marefa Digital is a premium digital content provider offering value-added learning & development experiences to GCC organisations and their employees. Presented in Arabic & Khaleeji dialects, our E-learning content has been provisioned to the GCC culture & the Arabic speaker providing solutions to workplace problems, and skill-sets needed in today’s modern workplace. Our E-learning tracks are thoroughly researched to reflect the latest and most practical leadership and management principles along with fresh perspectives related to the GCC in specific. Through our Human Capital Consulting arm, we help organisations in designing effective solutions & dynamic content tailored to their needs.
Networking Partner: BOLD Solutions Provider - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


BOLD Solutions Provider is a professional people development and business organization advisory company. We work with aspiring and established professionals to unleash their strengths for career advancement and business growth.

With BOLD’s foundation stones already in place, we build coaching programs, workshops and provide HR Solutions that cultivate the growth of your people, your business or your organization.

We observe international trends and anticipate needs to tailor packages with a difference.

People matter to us, not only in the corporate world, but also in the local community.

For us at BOLD, it’s not what we do, but HOW we do it.

Our team brings many years of experience from across different cultures and industries.

BOLD Solutions providers works with an international network of consultants, coaches and trainers.
Networking Partner: business en motion - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

NETWORKING PARTNER: business en motion

‘business en motion’ moves businesses and leaders ahead through change. Based in Dubai’s Knowledge Village and founded by Debbie Nicol, an Australian executive, we build organizational frameworks, systems, cultures and human capability through solutions, learning and development (both proprietary and bespoke L&D methodologies) as well as coaching services. After specializing in change, leadership and performance across the GCC countries for over 15 years, ‘business en motion’ is well-reputed for the outstanding quality of our learning and change experiences. Explore more here. http://businessenmotion.com/
Networking Partner: Ertyad Training/Dale Carnegie - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition
Networking Partner: Ertyad Training/Dale Carnegie - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

NETWORKING PARTNER: Dale Carnegie / Ertyad Training

Dale Carnegie delivers time-tested personal development and growth training that is a catalyst for individual and workforce transformation, helping people from all walks of life become fearless and giving leaders the confidence they need to get the most out of life and work. Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Dale Carnegie is represented in all 50 of the United States and over 90 countries. More than 2,700 trainers present Dale Carnegie programs in 30 languages every day. For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie has helped communities all over the world prosper by improving the personal and financial well-being of the people who live there, and the companies that do business there. Today, we continue to cross borders and generations, showing people how to tap into the best parts of themselves to create positive change. Over 8 million people worldwide have attended a Dale Carnegie training.
Networking Partner: Happy Minds Learning - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


Our mission is to share with one million people the tools to live a happy and meaningful life. We teach how to apply Mindfulness at offices to increase staff retention, avoid burnout, uplift creativity, and efficiency and boost the bottom line by applying powerful Happiness at work tools. We help companies improve employee well-being, culture and performance. Our interactive and practical programs are based on:

– Neuroscience
– Emotional Intelligence
– Science of Happiness & Mindfulness.

We co-operate with big companies in the UAE, including First Abu Dhabi bank and Rotana hotels.

We believe that positive culture leads to success. Company website: www.happymindslife.com
Marketing Partner: eye of riyadh - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


EYE OF RIYADH provides effective digital marketing solutions for campaigns and events targeting Saudi Arabia and other GCC.
www.eyeofriyadh.com is one of the most popular website in the GCC among citizen, residents , tourists and investors who are seeking for information and wish to explore the opportunities in the region.
our services :
  • Email and sms campaign
  • Banner advertising
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Events and Training Marketing
  • Public Relations Services

Contact Eye of Riyadh:
Tel: +966 11 2735522
Strategic Media Partner: Mihnati - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition


Mihnati.com is recruitment services provider based in Saudi Arabia, primarily helping large, medium and small organisations with their Saudisation requirements and providing automation of recruitment processes since 2006.

We are specialised in building branded career site for both public and private sectors, offering key features, for example, Applicant Tracking System, Manpower Planning, Requisition System, Integration with HRMS, Employee Onboarding.

We also provide headhunting service and have several years of experience of placing Saudi nationals and expats in various position across different industries. For more information visit: www.mihnati.com
Media Partner: Chief Learning Officer Middle East - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

MEDIA PARTNER: Chief Learning Officer Middle East

“THE online social media network for HR and L&D professionals in the Middle East”

The CLO-ME mission is to bring value to the Human Capital profession through discounted and free events, regional research based papers, latest jobs, news and interviews from our region. Join us and contribute today.
Media Partner: CustomerService.ae - ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

MEDIA PARTNER: CustomerService.ae

CustomerService.ae is the only website in the GCC region which publishes best practices, expert interviews and in-depth articles to enhance customer experience for all types of businesses. We also offer experiential training workshops, DIY productivity game kits and all-in-one social media management for businesses looking to up their game.
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